System Overview

General Features

  • Brand new purpose built development on modern software platform.
  • Streamlined approach to functionality aimed at efficiency and ease of use.
  • Inbuilt technical resilience with twin server configuration.
  • Inbuilt configurability to allow system to be adapted to meet changing needs.
  • Real time booking and container status enquiry capabilities.
  • On line access to VBS charges.
  • Complementary access via Mobile App (iOS and Android).

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    Functional Highlights

  • Streamlined access to Booking Create , Move , Swap & Cancel.
  • Integrated real time slot availability status within all the Booking screens.
  • Flexible container enquiry capability for variety of statuses.
  • Container Self Nomination allowing real time monitoring of container status.
  • Multiple selection from container enquiry and right click access to create booking.
  • Flexible booking enquiry capability for a variety of statuses.
  • Right click access from booking enquiry to move, swap or cancel bookings.
  • Capability to copy bookings.
  • Quick access to current month charges at both summary and detail level.
  • Quick access to previous months invoices at both summary and detail level
  • Print and email options during and after booking create.
  • Admin capabilities for Hauliers to manage their own user acccess
  • Forgot password capabilities
  • Mobile App with container enquiry, booking view,move and swap capabilities
  • Best Pick Capabilites aimed at improving service levels

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    Making Connections

    Containerisation International Finalist

    London Container Terminal (Tilbury) Limited. Registered Office: Leslie Ford House, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 7EH
    Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number 1249844.