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London Container Terminal provide a  Vehicle Booking System for their Customers which provides an appointment booking capability for Hauliers dropping of and picking up containers from the Port, as well as providing status information on both containers and the availability of Booking Slots.

The system is available over the internet  allowing  Hauliers to make the required bookings in advance of visiting the  Terminal to which physical access is controlled via automated barrier systems and touch screen data entry kiosks that require entry of the booking number within the required time parameters by hauliers in order to gain entry to the Terminal to drop off and/or pick up containers.

The Web based system is also supported by a  mobile application which is available for both Android and IOS devices which provides  equivalent enquiry and update capabilities for a number of transactions  available via the Web based system  providing additional flexibility for the Hauliers using the Terminal .

Although the mobile application is available for download, in order to use the application a valid User Account is required to be provided by London Container Terminal after establishing the required haulier details on the system.

Any enquires regarding access to the VBS application or the Mobile App should be directed to :

Phone : 01375 854 750 e-mail :


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