Motorways of Seas

Motorways of the Seas

LCT handles in excess of half a million containers per year, and is the only UK port truly servicing both deep sea and short sea customers. In addition to equipment upgrades and investment in new straddle carriers, plans are in place for a long term container terminal redevelopment including a single reception gate covering both security and container processing, new cranes, a bespoke IT system and surfacing work.

Part of the investment plan is the purchase of 14 brand new straddle carriers in a multi-million pound deal with Cargotec. Cargotec, one of the world’s most advanced handling solutions providers, will deliver the 4-high machines to the port in April 2013 and this deal reflects a strong relationship between both companies, with many of the existing carriers having been previously provided by Cargotec.

The straddle carrier investment has been aided by the Motorway of the Sea grant, awarded to the Port of Tilbury and Port of Bilbao this summer. The grant is for the “IBUK – Intermodal Corridor” project, which aims to reduce congestion between the Iberian Peninsula and the UK by moving trucks off the road and onto a more efficient multi-modal logistics corridor.
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