Port Systems

London Container Terminal is unique in offering Customers the choice of using either of the UK’s Port Community Systems, CNS and Destin 8, and is the first UK Terminal operating vessels with manifests linked to both community systems.

LCT have well established standard connections to both of the UK’s Port Community System Providers allowing new Customers to very quickly get up and running via well proven links between their chosen community system and LCT.

Additionally, LCT can provide direct on line access to their system via the internet and can also provide automated daily e-mailed scheduled reports for a variety of information in both PDF and xls format.

We already have ‘the connections’ ……the choice of community system is down to our customer and we can very quickly be up and running with any new customer.

How it all works

Electronic Data Interchange is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners.

London Container Terminal is fully EDI enabled to both the Destin8 and CNS community systems that are in turn directly connected to the HMRC (CHIEF – Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) and other government systems such Port Health (PHILIS- Port Health Live Interactive Information System).

Essentially the Community systems act as a standardised central Hub between LCT and its Customers with the advantage of having established links to the relevant statutory bodies.

EDI Connections

The community Systems are able to receive information from the Shipping Lines and / or Container Operators in a standardised EDIFACT format such as CUSCAR and COPARN which they in turn convert to their own format to send to LCT’s integrated Marine & Container Handling System (MACH), together with relevant updates as a result of their connections to both CHIEF and PHILS. Conversely LCT will send status information to the Community System on such things as Gate receipts, Load and Discharge which the Community Systems can then transmit onward to the appropriate Shipping lines and Container operators in the form of CODECO and COAARI messages.

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